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Thumper Fab UForce 1000 Rear Winch Bumper

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Calling all CF Moto UForce 1000 and UForce 1000 XL owners who like to live life on the wild side! Introducing the Thumper Bumper, your ultimate solution for those moments when you find yourself in a tight spot and need a little backup. Or maybe you're just the hero of the group, always ready to lend a helping hand and effortlessly tug your buddies out of sticky situations. Well, now you can do it with style! 

Crafted with precision and designed to impress, our winch-ready Thumper Bumper is the perfect match for your CF Moto UForce 1000 and 1000 XL. See Fitment Guide below for details.  

Imagine this: you're roaring down the thrilling roads, conquering the untamed terrains, and suddenly, you find yourself in a predicament. But fear not, because the Thumper Bumper has your back... quite literally! With its sleek, sturdy design, this bumper is ready to take on any challenge and ensure your UForce 1000 is always protected and ready for action. 

Now, let's talk about its secret weapon – the winch compatibility! Picture yourself effortlessly pulling your UForce 1000 or any other vehicle out of a messy situation. With the Thumper Bumper, you're not just a rider anymore; you're everyone's hero. Go ahead, showcase your strength and agility as you come to the rescue and amaze your friends. We bet they'll be lining up to be pulled out next! 

But hold on, there's more to this cheeky Thumper Bumper than meets the eye. Not only does it offer unrivaled functionality, but it also adds a dash of rugged charm to your UForce 1000. Just imagine the envy in your friends' eyes when they see your ride adorned with this eye-catching accessory. You'll be the center of attention and the talk of the town. Say goodbye to mundane and hello to extraordinary! 

So, fellow CF Moto UForce 1000 owners, let the Thumper Bumper be your trusted companion on all your wild adventures. It's time to embrace your inner daredevil, push the boundaries, and show the world what you're made of. Get your Thumper Bumper today and join the ranks of the fearless few who refuse to settle for ordinary. Because, after all, life is too short to be anything but extraordinary!

  • CNC laser cut & formed 3/16" AND 1/8" steel 
  • HD D-Ring mounts for safe recovery points 
  • 3" Cube Light Ready or package it up with our Quad Row LED Lights that come with a wire harness 
  • Available in raw steel ready for powder coating or paint match 
  • Extreme Duty 3 stage powder coating (when color is selected) 
  • CNC precision cut holes for ATV winch mount (Up to 3500 lbs) 
  • Winch mounting area: 14.75" x 5" x 4.25" (Width x Depth x Height) 
  • Made in the USA!  
  • Bring the beef with this beefy bumper  
  • Back it up when you need it 
  • Look good while doing it with strength and style.    
  • Material: American Made Steel 
  • Winch Bolt Pattern: 3.0” x 4.87” Bolt Pattern for UTV Winches 
  • Winch Mount Area: 14.75" x 5" x 4.25" (Width x Depth x Height) 
  • Light Options: 3” Cube Lights 
  • 2024 CF Moto UForce 1000
  • 2024 CF Moto UForce 1000 XL
  • 2023 CF Moto UForce 1000
  • 2023 CF Moto UForce 1000 XL
  • 2022 CF Moto UForce 1000
  • 2022 CF Moto UForce 1000 XL
  • 2021 CF Moto UForce 1000 

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