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Super ATV Xpedition MaxDrive Power Flip Windshield

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Part Number: PFWS-P-XPD-70
  • Polaris Xpedition ADV NorthStar : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition ADV Premium : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition ADV Ultimate : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition ADV 5 NorthStar : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition ADV 5 Premium : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition ADV 5 Ultimate : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition XP NorthStar : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition XP Premium : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition XP Ultimate : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition XP 5 NorthStar : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition XP 5 Premium : 2024+
  • Polaris Xpedition XP 5 Ultimate : 2024+

Don’t Hesitate—Prepare for the Unexpected 
Your Polaris Xpedition needs a windshield. Don’t settle for just any old thing—get unparalleled flexibility and convenience with a MaxDrive Power Flip Windshield from SuperATV. Dash-mounted controls make it easy to position anywhere you want. No foolin' around with annoying straps or brackets—just push the button. Leave it wide open to feel the breeze, shut it to protect your cab from nasty weather, or leave it somewhere in between—then change it right from the comfort of your seat. It’s that easy to control your comfort level with this Xpedition windshield.
  • Flips open, closed, or any place in between with the push of a button
  • Uses durable electronic actuators
  • Constructed with 1/4” polycarbonate
  • Scratch-resistant coating

The Best Parts for the Xpedition 
At SuperATV, we believe our customers deserve top-quality products. That’s why we use the best parts available to build this flip windshield. Our robust electronic actuators can withstand constant bumps and bouncing from rough terrain without problems. And the durable clamps hold the windshield tight so you get a quiet, rattle-free ride. Quality construction makes a difference that you can see and hear when it comes to this Xpedition flip windshield. 

Ultra-Strong Polycarbonate 
Speaking of quality, we have to talk about polycarbonate. We use poly for this windshield because it’s 250 times stronger than glass and 25 times stronger than acrylic. No rocks, branches, or other trail debris stand a chance of cracking it. 

XR Optic Hard Coating 
So you heard “polycarbonate” and now you’re afraid of scratches? Don’t worry—we thought of that too. At SuperATV, we developed our proprietary XR Optic Hard Coating to prevent the kind of abrasions and scratches that could ruin other poly windshields. It also protects against yellowing caused by UV radiation. The coating is totally invisible, but you’ll notice its effects. You’ll have an unscratched, clear windshield for years to come thanks to SuperATV’s XR Optic Hard Coating. 

Made by Experts 
Why should you trust us? Because at SuperATV, we’re the experts. We’ve set the bar for windshield quality. Just ask our tens of thousands of happy customers all over the country. If you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further. 

Kit Includes:
  • Windshield
  • All frame brackets
  • (2) Clamps
  • (2) Pairs of hinges
  • (2) Actuators
  • All gaskets and seals
  • Wiring harness
  • Rocker switch

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