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Super ATV Assassinator Tire

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Part Number:301-Tires-SuperATV-Assassinator
  • Features & Benefits:
  • -3" tread depth
  • -*37x8-22 features 2" tread depth
  • -Unmatched grip in the thickest, slickest mud
  • -Self-cleaning tread design
  • -Narrow stance to navigate the sloppiest of mud
  • -Load capacity: 657 lbs. @ 7 psi (29.5") 724 lbs. @ 7 psi (32") 624 lbs. @ 10 psi (36") 850 lbs. @ 10 psi (37") 735 lbs. @ 10 psi (40")
  • -6 ply ratings

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Assassinator Mud Tires 

We recommend running our 5" wide Healy Series Wheels with all 7.5" wide tires! 

Assassinate the mud hole with SuperATV's new Assassinator Tires! Built for BattleTM! With deep lugs, extreme grip, and a narrow profile, the Assassinator Tire can get you through the thickest and slickest of mud. Utilizing the same technology as our Terminator Tire, the Assassinator has a self-cleaning lug that immediately sheds the unwanted weight of carrying around built up mud. Like all SuperATV tires, we've maintained a smooth ride for the occasional trail or road ride. No matter how you're getting dirty - mud bogging or trail riding - the Assassinator can get the job done! 

Tire SKUWeight
ASN-28/10/1450 lb
ASN-29.5/8/1453 lb
ASN-29.5/10/1454 lb
ASN-32/8/1460 lb
ASN-34/8/1463 lb
ASN-36/7.5/2065 lb
ASN-37/8/2252 lb
ASN-40/7.5/2076 lb

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